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FRC Team 6897

How We Got Our Start

The would-be FRC Team 6897 first met on December 27th, 2015 on a park bench in the municipal plaza of East Brunswick Township. Twenty students and one dream: to be a part of a real FRC team. Through hard work, dedication, and commitment, our students turned their vision into reality. We formed our nonprofit and our team picked up sponsorship from Rutgers University, and found a committed mentor. We started competing in off-season competitions with help from FRC teams 25 and 303. We kept adding more and more members until we were 40+ people strong with 4 committed mentors, a mechanical team, coding team, fundraising team, and PR team. We won first place at the 2017 HAVOC off-season competition and then picked up sponsorship from NASA allowing us to register for the 2018 season under the number "6897". We are a new, young team but we are rearing to go and committed to bringing our program to everyone, no exceptions.



Meet Our Team

What We've Built

Interested in Joining?

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